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Women's Empowerment 2017 - Behind the Scenes

Source: courtesy of Glen Parsons

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Some say it all happens behind the scenes — and in this case, I have to say that I agree! Women’s Empowerment 2017 was as live on stage as it was behind the proverbial velvet rope.

Entertainers hung out for a few laughs, great conversation, and of course an interview or two.

So what is hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh like when he is off stage? Find the answer that and more with your backstage pass to Women’s Empowerment 2017:

Willie Moore, Jr.

Inspirational radio show host, Willie Moore, Jr. held his own on the Black Men Revealed panel. The big question of the day was definitely, “Why do black men, once they become successful, prefer to date white women?”

Find out how the St. Louis native handled being in the hot seat and more below:

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Doug E. Fresh

So what are the biggest differences in classic hip-hop and the urban music of today? Hip-hop pioneer, Doug E. Fresh believes it starts with a lack of creativity. Many artists today aren’t as creative because they’re solely focused on the money. As a result, their preoccupation with getting rich leads many artists to settle with “following each other and it depreciates the art.”

Fresh notes that authentic creativity comes from everywhere, it has no boundaries it has no space it continues. One of the lessons he learned from Prince was, “When you able to remove fear creativity is endless.” Check out the full interview below:

WE 2017: Taraji P. Henson, Darrin Hinson, Doug E. Fresh & More Behind The Scenes!
Women's Empowerment 2017 - Behind the Scenes
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