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Pot Hole

Jim Jurica


Sometimes we don’t see them when driving but they’re there. Pot holes are popping up all over the Triangle due to winter storms and fluctuating temperatures. The temperature change allow water to penetrate the surface, freezing and then thawing, which leads to potholes. The NCDOT has its patching crews out tackling the pothole problem. NCDOT urges motorists to pay special attention to the roadway and are urged to report potholes to the city or state by calling 919-996-6446 or CLICK HERE.

AAA offers the following tips when encountering a pothole:

Avoid swerving. Swerving can cause loss of vehicle control;

Slow down. Carefully avoid impact with potholes. If a pothole can’t be avoided slow down. Hitting a pothole at a high-speed increases the chance of damage to the vehicle, and losing control

Roll through. Rolling through the pothole is better than braking rapidly

Properly inflate tires. Over-inflated and under-inflated tires increase risk of tire and wheel damage; and avoid puddles that may conceal a deep pothole.

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