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“The sun will come out tomorrow!” How many times have you sang that song? I bet you know every line from that song and more than likely from all of the songs from Annie.

I have to be totally honest; I had never seen the play before. I had only seen the 1982 movie, staring Carol Burnett and Albert Finney, and read the comic book so I had wondered how they were going to do some of the special effects. Well, they didn’t do some of the things in the movie and but it worked. I didn’t miss it.

Ms. Hannigan (Lynn Andrews) was just as funny in the play as she was in the movie. Actually she stole every scene that she was in. Got to love to hate her. Issie Swickle plays Annie and let me tell you, she can SING!! Wow that little girl has a very powerful voice. Everyone in the whole cast have great voices. The singing is amazing.

You will also fall in love with the sets. The way they took you from the orphanage to the streets of New York to Daddy Warbucks’ mansion to the White House was smooth. It was effortless.

Overall, this is a great play. Totally worth seeing if you are a fan of the movie like I am. The only thing that you will miss is Punjab but Drake fills in for him so you’ll be okay. This is a great early Christmas present for everyone in the family that is 6 and up! Go and enjoy. You’ll go home singing, “I Don’t Need Anything But You!” You have until December 14th to see the show otherwise you’ll be singing, “It’s the Hard Knock Life”!