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Finally! People are protesting Iggy Azalea performance the way God intended! Reports claim that about protestors took to Iggy’s performance at Bovard Auditorium on USC’s campus Thursday night and attempted to shut down her show with a die-in. The grand jury’s decisions not to indict officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo in the deaths of unarmed Black men, Michael Brown and Eric Garner has caused an eruption of powerful protests around the world in hopes for interrupting everyone’s lives to effect change within out justice system.

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These protests have shut down highways, Black Friday, symphonies and show no signs of slowing down. The protestors who attempted to shut down Iggy’s performance because she has “garnered attention and fame for appropriating Black culture.” The organizer of the die-in called people together to help bring attention to the important issues of systematic racism in our country. The Facebook invitation for the die-in reads:

“Are you frustrated with the biased and inaccurate portrayal of people of color in the media? Are you tired of feeling like the plight of our people is not taken seriously? Are you angry that police are constantly getting away with murder and profiting off the loss of black lives?

There may be cameras on them but that has not stopped them from innocently walking away from their crimes. The cameras should be on US so WE can have our voices heard. Iggy Azalea will performing in Bovard at 8pm. Like her or not, she has garnered attention and fame for appropriating Black culture. This is our opportunity to take her platform and help bring attention to much more important issues.”

We all know fellow femcee Azealia Banks is very opinionated and when it comes to the issues of Black men losing their lives to overzealous policemen, she attacks! One of the people in her path was Iggy Azalea and she tweeted her disdain for the rapper’s convenient appropriation of Black culture–claiming she wants to be Black, but is silent on the issues plaguing Black people. “B*tch you gotta ride all the way. Don’t be down to ride Black d*ck. If you with us, you with us,” Banks tweeted at Iggy.

But Iggy didn’t take the insult lightly, she quickly responded telling Banks to find a new game plan and then tweeted a link to productive ways of helping in the civil rights fight. She even encouraged protesting. However, when people showed up to her concert to protest, she was none too pleased. It was because many of the people who came to the USC concert to protest were there for the wrong reasons. One young man tweeted, “I didn’t even plan this sh*t. I didn’t know she existed until today. I just want to shut sh*t down…#BringTheProtestToThePeople.” SMH.

Even if some of the protestors were misguided, they were still there, they were still part of the movement and that’s better than nothing, right? What do you think of protestors trying to shut down Iggy’s performance? Sound off in the comments below.


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