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Clinton versus Obama, so six years ago right?


The two one-time political rivals are being compared to each other again as Hillary Clinton likely embarks on yet another presidential run.

Since their tumultuous campaign rivalry the two have become friendly.

In one of his first big cabinet moves President Obama called on Clinton to be his secretary of state.

But in order to win this time Hillary Clinton is probably going to have to distance herself from her former rival and former boss, the President.

A new CNN/ORC poll show President Obama’s approval ratings well below 50 percent on all major issues from terrorism to immigration to helping the middle class to health care policy to the economy- all below 50 percent.

His lowest approval, handling the federal budget deficit, is just 31 percent.

However, Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings are above 50 percent on all major issues like foreign policy -63 percent, the environment – 65 percent, and handling the economy – 63 percent.

None of this means Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the white house.

What it does mean is that Hillary Clinton has a very tough decision to make, the same decision Al Gore had to make back in 2000.

Al Gore and obviously his campaign advisors decided to downplay his relationship with incumbent Bill Clinton, who was a troubled but still very popular president.

Hillary Clinton has to decide just how much she has to criticize, downplay her relationship with him or just plain old ignore President Obama and her ties to him.

Like President Clinton, President Obama may not have the public’s approval but he is still very popular and many people like him even though they don’t approve of his policies.

The popular consensus is that by giving Bill Clinton shade back in 2000, Al Gore lost broader support from Democrats and others who liked Clinton, and in turn that partially contributed to him losing to George W.  Bush.

Why? Because those Clinton backers were not motivated to go to the polls.

You can better believe one of the major questions facing Hillary Clinton and her advisors right now is, do we really want to run against Barack Obama again?

And ladies and gentlemen that’s really hard choices, not just the name of a book.

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