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dependable carsJ.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study uses the “problems per 100 vehicles” to determine their top 10.  It surveys drivers who own cars that are 3 years old.  The total number of problems reported for each vehicle over its first 3 years determines it’s rank; the fewer problems the better the ranking.  The followinfg results are for 2011 model year vehicles.

10- Lexus ES, best compact premium car.

9- Mini Cooper, best compact sporty car.

8- Lexus GS, best midsize premium car.

7- Toyota Camry, best midsize car.

6- Chevy Volt, best compact car.

5/4- There was a tie for 4th place between the Lexus LS and the Cadillac DTS, for best large premium car.

3- Buick Lucerne, best large car.

2- Honda Fit, best sub compact car.

1- Chevy Camaro, best midsize sporty car.

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