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CLOSE tracks online prices and sales  for the best deals; according to their features director Lindsay Sakeaida, as long as it doesn’t need to be under the tree Christmas morning, wait until after Christmas for the best deals on these items.

1- Big name televisions and electronics; best time for t.v.’s is February or March.  The doorbusters on big flat screens during the holidays are usually on 2nd or 3rd tier brands; new electrionics models are introduced in January and last years models go on sale right after that; the same is true for other electronics .

2-Winter wear; bigger discounts than those leading up to Christmas go into effect right after Christmas on winter clothes and accesories, because retailers want to start clearing out winter merchandise to make room for spring clothes.

3-Furniture; similar to electronics, home furniture is seasonal.  New furniture models are released in February, so stores want to make room in advance.  January is a great time to get discouints.

4- Fitness gear; this works in reverse to furniture; peak selling season for fitness gear is the best time for discounts; the best deals are found in January.

5-Christmas decorations; Christmas decorartions are usually 75% off after Christmas.

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