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Third Circuit Court Judge Wade H. McCree (pictured), aka the “Freak Judge,” is awaiting a decision from  the Michigan Supreme Court on whether or not he should be stripped of his judicial robe and gavel following an extramarital affair with a woman whose case he had been residing over. McCree’s attorney made a final plea for his client at the court hearing on Wednesday urging the seven-member court to allow his client to maintain his judicial standing, reports The Detroit News.

McCree’s illicit affair came to light back in February. According to a court filed complaint against McCree, he and Geniene La’Shay Mott (pictured), 30, who had come to his courtroom seeking child support from her baby’s father in 2012, had sexual relations, which reportedly included intercourse, in his judicial chambers. The complaint also details numerous inappropriate and sexually explicit text messages that McCree regularly sent to his paramour; on many occasions from the bench. According to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, McCree’s actions were “irresponsible and eroded the public’s confidence,” particularly since he continued to handle Mott’s child support case after their affair had begun. The May-December affair, sparked by the judge’s feelings of loneliness, began in June of last year and went on for five months.The court ruling states, “During his relationship with Mott, Respondent used his chambers to engage in sexual intercourse with Mott, permitted Mott to enter the courthouse through an employee entrance without going through security, allowed Mott to remain alone in his chambers while he was on the bench, arranged for Mott to park her vehicle in an area reserved for judges, and brought Mott’s cell phone into the courthouse for her, in violation of the court’s security policy, so that she could communicate with him while he was on the bench.”

If the 25-year-in, married son of the late Wade Hampton McCree, Jr., renowned as the first African-American appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the second African-American Solicitor General in U.S. history, wins his judicial seat again in 2014, the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission concluded,  “Based on the egregious nature of the misconduct, the commission recommends that the Michigan Supreme Court remove respondent from judicial office and conditionally suspend him from office, without pay, for a period of six years, beginning January 1, 2015,” if he wins re-election in 2014.

McCree’s attorney, Brian Einhorn,  argues however, that his client has paid a hefty price already for his crimes against the bench. The 57-year-old judge has been suspended sans pay since February and was made to pay a hefty fine of nearly $12,000 in court costs. Einhorn feels that the suggested punishment for his client is “unprecedented and unfair.” However, last year McCree was also busted after he sent a semi-nude selfie to a female court bailiff. When the photo was publicized, he brazenly told reporters: “There’s no shame in my game.” The selfie was also addressed at Wednesday’s hearing, whereas one of the justices asked Einhorn if it was appropriate for a fifty-something year-old man to engage in such behavior. Einhorn replied to the justice, that his client was not naked in the picture, just shirtless and that his response to the photographer was only about his selfie, which was what he was guilty of,  and not the photo itself. The Michigan Supreme Court’s decision is expected in two weeks.

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