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With all of this talk about a government shutdown, have you wondered how you could be affected? We’ve put together a list.

1. You might need to cancel your family visit to national parks, zoos or museums. All of the National Parks Service sites will be closed. And if you were hoping to hop across the pond, that might need to be postponed as well if you don’t already have your passport. There’s a chance that your passport application won’t be processed.

2. If you’re a federal employee, you’ll get a chance to do all of that cleaning and organizing you’ve been putting off at the house. You won’t have to go to work, but you won’t get a check either. Previously, federal employees were given retro pay after the shutdown was over.

3. The military will still be affecting us, but they could be paid in IOUs until everything is resolved.

4. You’re mistaken if you think you won’t have to pay taxes during the shutdown. Taxes would still be collected.

5. All of your bills and junk mail will still be delivered by the postal service.

6. If you are against Obamacare, it will still go into affect during the shutdown.

7. If you were hoping to get a new gun permit, put it on hold. No gun permits will be processed during the shutdown.

8. Small business hoping to get a government loan or those trying to get a federal mortgage are out of luck. Also, veterans checks could be delayed. Social security checks will probably be processed.

9. If you live in the nation’s capital, there will be NO TRASH PICKUP. Yuck.

10. We will probably all be frustrated with our elected “leaders” who are currently engaged in a game of chicken.

Source: CNN