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Jamal Harris, the 17-year-old Texas hero whose keen observance of his surroundings and quick actions saved a kidnapped woman on the night of August 22, says her face said it all.

“I was like ‘Oh man, look at this lady, she’s hot! Like look, she’s attractive!’” Harris said to 

“And then we made eye contact, and I see this serious expression on her face. What she was trying to say was serious,” Harris continued. “And I read her lips and she was like, ‘help me.’”

Harris, along with his best friend, Aaron Arias, 19, were at the right place, at the right time when that fateful eye contact occurred: a stop sign. The woman was in the car right next to them, held hostage by Charles Atkins Lewis Jr., 44. When Atkins pulled out in front of them, Arias and Harris noticed the woman touch the back of the windshield:

I saw her face and that’s when I knew we had to go after them,” Arias said.

They started following the car and called 911.

“He was driving crazy, swerving and everything,” Arias said. “And at one point he started turning on and off his lights, so we knew that he knew he was being followed.”

See KHOU report below:

The woman tearfully thanked the teens for rescuing her, but Harris took the recognition in stride:

“You don’t need a cape to be a hero,” Harris said. “You just have to be yourself and just respond.”

This young hero is wise beyond his years.

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As previously reported by NewsOne, Pennsylvania teen Temar Boggs and his friend, Chris, were lauded as heroes in July when their quick actions saved a 5-year-old girl who had been reported missing.

Chris, spotted a girl matching Rojas’ description inside a car. They began following the vehicle on their bicycles and police say the male driver eventually stopped and let the girl out before driving off.

“As soon as the guy realized we were chasing him, he stopped at the light and he let her out,” said Boggs. “And she ran to me and said she needed her mom.”

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