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popcornPopcorn is a healthy snack, but the convenient microwaveable popcorn bags pose a danger.  The bags are coated with chemicals linked to various cancers, along with reproductive system damage.  The “oh so tasty” fake butter flavor has been linked to lung damage to factory workers where the microwave popcorn is made.  The trans fats used to keep the product “shelf stable” has been linked to reproductive problems.  The 2010 Presidents Cancer Panel suggested avoiding plastics, to lower your risk of cancer; plastic liners are now being used in some microwaveable popcorn bags.  Plastic shouldn’t be heated; heating the petrochemicals accelerate leaching of harmful chemicals into your food.

Alternatives: 1- pop your snack on the stove top; buy plain popcorn kernels put them in a pot, add some oil or butter and do it yourself. 2- Put organic popcorn kernels in a plain brown paper bag and microwave.

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