It must have been in the mid-80′s, and I will never forget the shock, the strange feeling I had the first time I saw an artist get on the Richmond Coliseum stage and sing to a pre-recorded track. That artist was Kashif, who had some modest R & B hits back in the day. The thing was, in that era, we were all fans of live music and entertainment and knew nothing else, so this was like a technological shock as well as a cultural one.

Some 30 years later, it is amazing to me that anyone would be shocked or offended by an artist, even one as popular as Beyonce,  performing to a pre-recorded track. Does anyone remember the hippest trip in America? Soul-Train? No one sung live on Soul-Train. It was total lip-sync and no one cared because it was our only outlet to see our favorite stars. In fact, to this day there are still those who never knew they were lip-syncing on Soul-Train.

So what is all this fuss over Beyonce’s lip-syncing the National Anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration REALLY all about? In my opinion, just that. It’s about the President’s ( second ) inauguration. You know, there are those who have still not come to grips with the first one yet, so this should not be surprising. The thing that gets me is why pick on the hottest star on the planet? And just who do they expect to follow them down that road but other “Haters”?  She’s hot, she’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s an Obama supporter, which are more than enough reasons  for the haters to make a sideshow out of this. 

This entire controversy is unreal and has been blown way out of proportion. Is there anyone who has an issue with Beyonce’s ability to sing? Of course not, so again, What the Fuss?

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