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Police reports say King followed the teaser to a car and hit him in the face. The victim hurriedly climbed into a vehicle and locked the passenger side door, then called 911. But King allegedly got into the car somehow and pulled Hayek out, throwing him to the ground head first. Then he applied another beating to Hayek.

Hayek was assisted into the house, but party-goers refused to call for an ambulance.

But police were able to track the victim from the call he made and rushed him to the hospital.

He was beaten so severely that his skull was fractured and his nose needed to be restructured. Authorities say he may have suffered permanent brain damage.

Hayek is 130 pounds while his alleged assailant is 210. King told deputies no punches were thrown and that Hayek ‘simply fell to the ground when [he] was talking to him’.

Sandra Arellano, who is Hayek’s legal guardian said one more punch would have killed him. She said he had been hit so hard in the face his nasal cavity had been ‘blown out’.

‘I can’t believe how someone could intentionally hurt someone so bad,’ said Arellano.

King was arrested on suspicion of third degree assault charges and remains in jail.


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