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Whether it’s Miss California Carrie Prejean whining that she lost the Miss USA crown because she believes marriage is between a man and a woman, or Miss USA Tara Conner boozing it up and doing blow as a minor, the ranks of beauty queens seem to be filled with drama queens.

Now that we’re all familiar with Toddlers & Tiaras, we understand why.

This year’s scandal comes super early in the pageant season (we usually like to at least let the little princess have her moment with the crown before the clock of public disapproval strikes midnight). It features Jenna Talackova, a Canadian bombshell who happened to have been born a boy.

Jenna was originally booted from the Canadian prelims of the Miss Universe pageant because she was not a naturally-born female, but a public outcry and a wagging of the finger by GLAAD caused pageant officials to reverse their decision on Monday.

Yesterday, the beauty pageant scandal became even more cliché when attention-addicted attorney Gloria Allred leaped in front of cameras for another high-profile fight for justice.

“The Miss Universe competition is designed to find the one person in the world whose human qualities make them worthy of the Miss Universe crown and title,” Allred said in typical melodramatic overstatement. “Jenna is beautiful in every way. Her life story will undoubtedly inspire people throughout the world.”

“I am a woman,” Talackova, 23, said at yesterday’s press conference. “I was devastated and I felt that excluding me for the reasons that they gave was unjust. I saw the statement by that was issued by Mr. Trump’s representative yesterday, and I find it quite confusing.


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