The drama with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” continues. Last week, Kim was angry with Kandi, and this week she’s going at it with her assistant/friend, Sweetie. According to Kim, Sweetie has gotten a little too comfortable, and forgotten that although she and Kim are friends, she is Kim’s assistant first. Everyone is doing the daunting task of cleaning out the garage, with Sweetie no where to be found. When Kim asks Sweetie to put away a jewelry box and takes too long to return, Kim suspects that she is out somewhere having a smoking break. Kim’s suspicions are correct, and Kim goes off on Sweetie, chasing her around the house. “I would have fired her a– a long time ago”, Kim’s father tells her. Poor Sweetie.

Ms. Phadera Parks is still gushing over her funeral home business, and goes to her first embalming lesson. What would freak most people out, excites Phadera, as she learns how to apply makeup to dead bodies. Gross. ”I can’t wait to get my hands on a real body,” Phaedra says a little too excitedly. Whatever makes you happy!

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Peter are planning their upcoming anniversary party. Cynthia is a little concerned about how they are going to pull the big anniversary party off, considering their current financial situation. Peter then tells Cynthia that he needs to borrow some money from her and then explains “To please the type of people we roll with we have to do it a certain way. If it’s not what they expect from you and I then it’s going to look crazy.” Does anyone else find anything wrong with this statement?

Nene and Greg have finally agreed to get their son, Bryson, out of jail. They have a serious family discussion with him, and express their extreme disappointment in his actions. Nene tells cameras that she does still rely on Greg for some things, and she’s a little worried that once their divorce is finalized Greg won’t be there to help her with Bryson anymore. In so many words, Nene tells her son, “Go find a job, get outta here”.

It’s time for Cynthia and Peter’s big anniversary party. After a few minor setbacks i.e. the limo showing up and Peter and Cynthia having to drive themselves to the venue, the party begins and all the guests arrive, even Marlo, with a new man.

In the midst of this big love fest (or lack there of) Cynthia’s mother and sister tell her, “We never thought you would make it a year.” The shocked Cynthia responds with, “You run your marriage the way you want to, I’m running my marriage the way I want it. I got this.”


Sheree finally arrives to the party (two hours late) and wastes no time throwing the shade. Sheree tells her friend Lawrence about the derogatory word that Marlo used while in Africa. Lawrence decides to confront Marlo about using that term and Marlo denies even saying anything. Is she lying? Or did she just forget what she said? Either way, Marlo is dead wrong because you and I both know that she definitely said it.

Peter does a toast to the night, to everyone but Cynthia’s sister, Mallory, and he makes it very clear to her that she’s excluded in the toast when he says, “Let’s make a toast to everyone, except Mallory”. Why such tension?

Mallory calls Peter an a** and storms out of the party. SMH