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Air travel competition is heating up, and we’re not talking about corporate profits and losses here. As airlines reduce flights and use smaller planes, passengers sometimes are jostling for storage space for their carry-on items. 

Holiday travelers particularly risk raising the ire of grizzled business fliers, who depend on strict adherence to a set of written and unwritten rules to get them on and off of planes efficiently.

“Business travelers do this every day,” said Joe Brancatelli, whose Web site,, is a destination for frequent fliers. “They know the rules of the sizes they’re allowed to carry. They know the size of the space available to them on the plane they’re flying, and they’re prepared to hit the rules. What bugs them is when someone else doesn’t know the rules.”

Online discussion boards are full of stories about travelers who don’t know the right way to put a bag in the overhead bin or who just bring too much with them.

“The lady next to me had so much stuff it was insane. I boarded the flight after she did, and she occupied the storage space of the seat in front of not only her window seat, but my seat too!” Michael Wand, a frequent flier from Honolulu, Hawaii, wrote on

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