All it took was one jump from a cell phone tower stretching 259 ft. high into the sky and a fall that was a mere  5 seconds to end a life over the weekend. Now most would reason that over course you would die if you purposely leaped off of any building that tall but this was no suicide. But not only is one  man dead another faces trespassing charges after the two BASE-jumped from the tower. Base jumping is a type of extreme sports activity that consist of an individual jumping from a fixed object with a packed parachute. It is suppose to be some type of joy for those intense thrill seekers, but it simply sounds stupid.

Jason James Tompsett, of the 5000 block of School Road in Virginia Beach, was charged with one count of trespassing after the incident. According to a city press release, Tompsett contacted police just before 5 a.m. Friday to report an injured person. He gave emergency responders directions to the remote location. The victim was dead when emergency crews arrived. Both Tompsett and the victim who has now been identified as Tyler S. Stimson are both U.S. Navy Seals and members of the East Coast- based Seal Team. Police do not yet know what type of error or malfunction, if any led to the man’s death.


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